‘Kirloskar Vasundhara Sanman’ to Dr. Deb & ‘Eco Journalist’ to Arati Kumar Rao Dec 27th 2019
Deb, Rao to be awarded. Dec 27th 2019
Catch an acclaimed climate change anthology at KVIFF. Dec 27th 2019
Mini film festival will paint the town green from January 3-7. Dec 27th 2019
Deb, Rao to be honoured in KVIFF. Dec 27th 2019
Vasundhara Sanman to Dr. Debal Deb & ‘Eco Journalist’ to Arati Kumar Rao. Dec 27th 2019
14th Kirloskar Vasundhara International Film Festival from 3 to 7 January. Dec 28th 2019
‘Vasundhara Sanman’ to Debal Deb. Dec 27th 2019
‘Vasundhara Sanman’ announced to Dr. Debal Deb. Dec 27th 2019
Progress in Ramnadi restoration work. Dec 30th 2019
Films, workshops, trails and river clean-up activities are part of Kirloskar Vasundhara Film Festival. Jan 02nd 2020
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