Vasundhara Sanman

B. B. Thombare

He is chairman and M.D. of Natural Sugar Factory. He has created benchmark through green initiatives taken at the factory. He started organic fertilizer factory which produced more than 25 metric tons of organic fertilizer from factory waste. In drought situation, he used a technique of reusing 70% of water from sugar fields for sugar production, which saved huge amount of water and resulted in decrease of water pollution also.

Vasundhara Mitra

Sameer Inamdar

He created awareness through writing on different environmental issues such as dust pollution in town, water pollution, change in climate, how to control vehicle pollution, benefits of using renewable energy sources. He took initiative in planting local trees in ‘Smrutiwan’.

Kashinath Bhatgunki

Because of his initiatives, today ‘Hattarsang’ village is totally plastic free. He organises ‘ National Water-Literacy Meet’ . He has enrolled more than 400 members for Green Army. On the occasion of World Environment Day, he organises cycle rally.

Arvind Kumbhar

He is involved in environmental awareness initiatives for last 20 years. He writes on different environmental issues in newspapers. He takes active part in bird and Great Indian Bustard counting and conservation. Because of his continuous efforts many students and citizens have opted working in conservation field.