Vasundhara Sanman

Arun Deshpande

He is an experimenter farmer, agricultural engineering scientist, and science and appropriate technology communicator. He has set up a ‘water bank’. It is just a tarpaulin-lined storage tank spread across 5 acres. The tank holds more than 5 crore litres — enough for all the members for two summers. He has worked on many other projects related to sustainable lifestyle that include agricultural equipment and farm machines, water management ideas and a permanent exhibition on energy besides his experiments on sustainable housing.

Vasundhara Mitra

Ashok Patil

He has worked in the Maharashtra Forest Department for 35 years. He prevented smuggling of teakwood and provided employment to tribal people through the planting of Mulberry trees. He sparked a people’s movement by building Vanrai dams and worked for the reclamation of marshlands in Thane and Raigad districts. He saved many leopards from hunters’ traps.

Rajneesh Joshi

He is the sub-editor of Sakal, Solapur and has been in the field of journalism for the last 25 years. He made a news series about the pollution in Bhima and Ujani dam area. He wrote about the environmental success stories in and around Solapur. He has penned a convincing news series about the necessity of Maldhok Sanctuary and two books about environment.

Vinay & Shrutali Narkar

Motivated by the 5R principle, they built their new house. It has built-in features that proved to be low-cost and low-maintenance. Carved wooden parts such as doors, windows, columns, arches and brackets of old, demolished buildings were used. They chose Shahabad stone for the flooring. The walls have been painted with cow dung. The polishing liquid is made by mixing first cattle milk (raw) with jaggery.