Vasundhara Sanman

Shailendra Patel

Founder member of two Conservation Projects: The Rejuvenation of Natural Water Sources and Service of the Water Gods, his work in decontamination and rejuvenation of water bodies, under the ‘SagarmitraAbhiyan’, removing sludge from wells, is exceptional, and hisparticipatory work in DrRajendra Singh Rana’s ‘Jalbiradari’ is exemplary.
Patel seeks to propagate the ancient wisdom of ‘NakshatraVruksha’ by disseminating information on the best possible methods of planting trees with medicinal properties and value. He has also afforested cremation sites and transformed them into parks.
A passionate campaigner of plastic literacy, he travels with his mission to schools, educating schoolchildren about the hazards of water and land pollution caused by plastic.
Conferred the VasundharaSanman for his outstanding work in water, forest and environment conservation.

Vasundhara Mitra

Dr Vyankatesh Metan

He is an orthopaedician, birdwatcher, birdlover. He was the first to film the migratory flamingoes at Hipparega Lake in Solapur. He has worked extensively with Maruti Chitampalli, Dr Rehmani, and Dr Kelkar. His book “Solapur: Pakshi Nandanvan” documents all species of local and migratory birds in Solapur district. Some of his photographic work is included in Maruti Chitampalli’s book: “Pakshikosh”. He is awarded the Kirloskar Vasundhara Mitra.

Prof. Dr. Tukaram Shinde

Coordinator of NSS, in Solapur University since its inception and till 2012,he has worked with his NSS student volunteers, doing commendable work for water conservation. Under the ‘Shramadaan’ scheme of the NSS, his team of students has dug a CCT, made two reservoirs and planted and nurtured more than 2 lakh trees over 100 acres of University land, and have thus have raised the water table of drought-ridden Solapur. Conferred the ‘Kirloskar Vasundhara Mitra’ Award.

Vinod Kamatkar

A journalist and nature lover, with a special liking for the study of jungle tourism, Kamatkar has established and developed the genre of wildlife tourism journalism. His article series include an expose of the Sandalwood mafia in Solapur,anda year-long series entitled “NisargachiKhidki” in the daily ‘Divya Marathi’ which detailed wildlife in and around Solapur . He also has written prolifically on the Maldhok jungles, its problems and the developmental reconstitutionary policies, currently underway. In recognition, he is awarded the Kirloskar Vasundhara Mitra.