Vasundhara Sanman

Dr. Pramod Patil

‘Maldhok’ birds (the great Indian bustards) are grateful to Dr. Pramod Patil for his efforts to save them from near-extinction. A bright student from school days, Pramod is a medical doctor, and is seeking higher education in the same field. He works 24X7 to protect Maldhoks and tries various ways to achieve this task – keeping human intervention to a minimum in the area surrounding Maldhok conservatories, changing the mentality of locals towards the birds, developing accurate methods for counting of the birds, following up constantly with govt. departments, making people aware of the problem through audio-visual aids, reports a dedicated website etc.

Vasundhara Mitra

Subhedar Baburao Pethkar

He is from Peth, Latur district. He knows general nursing; was a reporter, has a diploma in neurology and is trained in water conservation. He has served in medical section of the Indian Army during the Indo-China war.After retirement, since 1990, he dedicated himself to tasks such as barren land development, tree plantation,groundwater restoration etc. He has run eco-friendly projects, rooftop rainwater collection, road rainwater collection, organic Rangoli (traditional powdery paint) to name a few. His crowning work is that of a ‘butterfly garden’; created on his own 13000 sqft. land near the local Kambar lake. Mr. Pethkar has helped many butterfly varieties survive which play a major role in pollination and agro production. He has studied their liking towards certain plants and has cultivated them in the garden.

Bhagwat Baliram Mhaske

Bhagwat Mhaske is employed in the reserved forest for Maldhok (the great Indian bustard) birds at Nannaj, near Solapur since 1984. He is devoted to his job and every bird loving visitor benefits from his thorough knowledge. He has helped many senior scientists studying Maldoks. He had the rare opportunity of witnessing a flock of 35-40 Maldhoks. He wishes to continue his wholehearted support to young scientists and nature lovers. The forest dept., in recognition of his efforts, has honored him with ‘best employee’ award. Even the ‘Aple Ghar’ institute has specially awarded him for his remarkable contribution.