Vasundhara Sanman

Dr. Sandeep Shrotri

Dr. Sandeep Shrotri, though a Laparoscopy and Endoscopy Surgeon from Satara, played a major role in establishing Bio-Medical Waste Disposal Plant there. He has done awareness programs on Kaas – Plateau of Flowers near Satara, a World Natural Heritage Site. He is the Founder of Ranwata Nature and Environment Conservation Society at Satara which organizes cycling, tree plantation, lectures, slideshows on eco-conservation (especially in schools), bird watching, star parties, sky gazing and lectures on Astronomy, trekking in Sahyadris and Himalayas, wildlife exploration tours, household waste disposal methods and vermiculture demonstrations. He has written extensively on nature, tourism and environment in newspapers and monthly magazines.

Vasundhara Mitra

Sanyog Mohite

A Mechanical Engineer with MBA, he made his first film titled Do You while pursuing his MBA. Thereon, his passion for environmental films for children, (especially on public service announcements) continued. Due to his belief that the concept of environmental conservation can be best inculcated at a younger age, most of his films are for children. His films are shown at different festivals and are acclaimed nationally and internationally.

Shreerang Shinde

Shreerang Shinde is currently working as a Forest Guard at Kaas plateau, the famous World Heritage Site. He joined the department as a Forest Guard in 1984 and traveled between Koynanagar and Mahabaleshwar on foot. That’s when he understood the importance of conserving Biodiversity in that area. With the help of local people, he worked hard towards nature conservation. His efforts to create awareness about Malabar Hornbill resulted in the increase of its population. He informs tourists about the natural heritage value of the Kaas plateau.