Vasundhara Mitra

Dolphin Nature Research Group

The Founders of Dolphin Nature Research Group think that the common man should be made aware of environmental concerns and the best way of doing this is to tackle the young minds of students. Thus, on 12th Feb 1997, ‘Dolphin’ was formed. It is a Govt. registered institute, running a multi-faceted crusade with projects like tree plantation and care, collection of seeds and turning them into seedlings, awareness towards degradation of ecosystems as a fallout of festivities, opposing the rampant usage of plastic carry bags, collecting Nirmalya (flowers offered to deities) during the Ganesh festival, clean-your-surroundings etc. The institute felicitates one student and one school every year, for their contribution towards eco-protection. Since 2000, ‘Dolphin’ has taken up a monsoon plantation drive in Sagareshwar reserved forest to increase the vegetation. Its volunteers build small check dams to help percolate more rainwater into the soil. They also assist in the Government’s Count the Tigers and Count the Animals programs. In acknowledgement of their work, ‘Dolphin’ was awarded as the Best Nature Club in 2003 by WWFN’s India branch.

Vasundhara Sanman

Vijay Kumar Prathamshetty

Well known in the Sangli region for tree cultivation, Mr. Prathamshetty graduated from Pune University, studying Botany, Chemistry & Zoology. He joined Willingdon College in Sangli to teach Zoology. After 2 years of teaching, he stepped into the family-owned business of manufacturing medicines. A mango orchard (Aamrai) in Sangli drove him towards tree cultivation. He has catalogued in detail rare and very old trees from this 150+ year old orchard. He has also added new and equally rare varieties of trees in the orchard. Due to this work, he has become a member of the ‘Mango Orchard Control and Cultivation Committee’.

Vasundhara Jeevan Gaurav

Uday Kulkarni

Besides being a reporter, Uday Kulkarni is, more importantly a vital link on Local / National / International levels for many environmental movements. Not very outspoken, Uday has been encouraging and supporting such thought-trains from behind the curtain for the last 35 years. His mind is analytical, and his thought process scientific. He has not only been a supporter, but has also been a key activist on national-level issues such as Save the Western Ghats and Save Narmada River. He has also assessed the possible dangers of Almatti dam. He insists on keeping all the rivers clean and pollution-free, especially the Krishna and Panchganga. He has repeatedly written about the need to clean the Rankala lake.