Vasundhara Sanman

Ramesh Gauns

Ramesh Gauns, a citizen in Goa is fighting all odds to stop mining in the state. His slogan “Pani Ka Khani” made impact on citizens of Goa. For 13 years, he has been trying to mobilise people into raising a voice against the devastation and asking the government to stop clearing mining licenses in Goa. Ramesh Gauns, an environmental activist and a primary school teacher from Sarvona village in Goa has been battling the government that cleared a mining project in his village, for almost five years. He emerged victorious on March 29 when the Delhi High Court annulled an environmental clearance given to the project to mine iron and manganese ore in his village in North Goa.

Vasundhara Mitra

Charudatta Nakhare

Charudatta was born on 27th June 1963. He bagged a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and worked in private sector till 1987. After 1988 he took up photography as his full-time occupation. For 5-6 years he was press photographer for most of the regional publications. After the advent of digital cameras he was the first to start a ‘photo-by-email’ service in Rajapur. He runs a feature named ‘The Camera Speaks’ in the daily ‘Prahar’. Being a nature-lover and a photographer, he keeps discovering new spots for tourists, such as Sawatkada and Ozarkada.

Dr. Dilip Nagwekar

Dr. Nagwekar holds a PhD in agriculture (‘Krishi Viya Wetta’). He worked with the Coconut Research Centre at Bhatye and has specialized knowledge of coconut, betelnut and spices. He has participated in developing new varieties of coconut plants. Dr. Nagwekar has helped, guided and encouraged the farmers and womens’ savings groups regarding cultivation of coconut, betelnut and spices thus helping the conservation of environment. His research-oriented articles are published in regional print media and he is on radio & television, too. He has had a sizable share in setting up many social and eduational institutes and has been felicitated with many awards.

Indian Society of environmental Science and Technology

In 1989 a few scientists from Bhabha Atomic Research Centre and Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth (Dapoli) joined hands with officers from factories manufacturing chemicals & insecticides and Indian Society of Environmental Science and Technology was established. It operates thru’ two branches at Lote and Dapoli. The society has currently focused on Ratnagiri, Sangameshwar, Lanja and Rajapur districts. It tries to make students and the people aware of the damage caused by pollution to the natural resources (air, water, land) through various initiatives such as vermiculture, competitions, lectures and discussion forums, tree-plantation, collection of used flowers from temples, cleaning the surroundings of religious places after a fest etc.