Vasundhara Sanman

Dr. Debal Deb (Vasundhara Sanman)

A post-doctorate from the Indian Institute of Science Bangalore and a Fulbright Scholar at the University of California, Berkeley, US, you are a pioneering ecologist with a very unique mission. He founded Basudha a small farm near a forest close to Muniguda, Odisha.  In 1997, he established Vrihi, the largest non-governmental seed bank in India. Vrihi has become thelargest rice seed exchange center in eastern India conserving 1420 varieties of rice and distributed freely to farmers of 12 states of India.

Vasundhara Mitra

Vijay Bedi (Vasundhara Mitra – Film Maker)

Vijay Bedi is the third generation wildlife film maker and photographer in a family that has a long history of expertise in this highly specialized field. He has worked with various national and international channels. Vijay Bedi and his twin brother Ajay Bedi are the youngest Asians to have won the Green Oscar for their film – The Policing Langur. They are also the only Indians to have won a nomination at televisions highest awards at Emmy.

Arati Kumar Rao (Eco Journalist):

Arati Kumar-Rao is a National Geographic Explorer, an independent environmental photographer, writer, and artist documenting the Slow Violence and the Environmentalism of the poor of ecological degradation. She communicates through photos, long form narratives and art. She is currently on a National Geographic Explorer grant to document forced human migration.

Shan e Shan (Activist) :

Born in the picturesque valley of Ladakh, love for nature is instinctive for them. They not only participate in the rescues of local wild animals like Snow Leopards, Lynx, Ibex, to name a few but they are also committed to train and establish native women groups to produce local products and sell to tourists. At times they risk their lives, but keep working diligently.

Dr. Shrinivas Vadagbalkar (Green Teacher)

Participating member in National social movement of “Nadi Bachao” and “Pollution free Indian Rivers”of Dr. Rajendra Singh. He is ‘Jala-Yoddha’ at water literacy centre, YASHADA, Pune appointed by Govt. of Maharashtra. He gave expert opinion and advice along with scientific data and its analysis for Ram Nadi basin and Mutha Nadi.