Vasundhara Sanman

Sunita Narain

Sunita Narain is an Indian Environmentalist and Political Activist as well as a major proponent of the Green concept of Sustainable Development. Narain has been with the India-based Centre for Science and Environment since 1982. She is currently the Director of the Centre, the Director of the Society for Environmental Communications and Publisher of the fortnightly magazine – Down To Earth. She is currently in charge of the Centre’s management and plays an active role in a number of research projects and public campaigns.
In the early ’90s, she got involved with global environmental issues and continues to work on these as researcher and advocate.

Vasundhara Mitra

Krishnendu Bose (Filmmaker)

After acquiring a Masters degree in Economics from Delhi School of Economics (1985), he went independent, making documentaries on Conservation Development Politics. Krishnendu Bose set up EarthCare Films, to make wildlife and conservation documentaries. Along with producing films, he conducts workshops in schools and colleges on the environment, using his films as a medium.

ARTI (Organisation)

ARTI is a registered scientific society, established in April 1996 by a group of scientists, technologists and social workers, to develop and transfer innovative, sustainable technologies to rural people for income generation and to improve their quality of life. In the true spirit of its mission, under the leadership of Dr. A. D. Karve, ARTI undertakes research to study, develop, standardize, implement, commercialize and popularize innovative appropriate rural technologies with a special emphasis on making traditional rural businesses more profitable and also on generating new employment opportunities in rural areas. With its high-impact grassroots level work over the past decade, ARTI has established itself as an internationally recognized developer of innovative and appropriate rural technologies. ARTI received The Ashden Awards in 2002 and 2006 for the Charcoaling Technology, the Sarai Cooking System and the Compact Biogas System.

Babulal Gandhi (Activist)

Shri Babulalji Gandhi entered the life of social service through Acharya Vinoba Bhave’s Bhoodan Movement. He worked with great commitment and zeal. He kept on thinking about the basic issues related to the inequality in land ownership and development of inerrable land and wrote a book based on his own experiences. After the movement at Vinchurni near Phaltan, he and his family developed a model on natural farming in an arid, drought prone area with hostile climatic conditions. The farm produces grains, fruits and medicinal plants without interfering with the original vegetation. It also organizes and initiates educational interactions with children, students and farmers. Everyone has realised the severity of the problems created by natural climate changes in the last few years. Babukaka’s oasis is a source of inspiration for everyone who is willing to shape a life of eco-friendly character.

Vasundhara Jeevan Gaurav

Jay Mazoomdaar, Delhi

Jay Mazoomdaar’s Sariska Expose and the subsequent investigative series on India’s conservation failures marked a milestone in environmental journalism and impacted a series of decisions at the highest levels. In the following years, Mazoomdaar broke several stories that brought accountability and transparency to the governmental machinery and influenced public policy. From poaching to forest rights, management to science, man-animal conflict to land use, climate politics to forest economics, Mazoomdaar continues to set standards for responsible and intelligent environmental journalism. Now an independent professional, free of institutional pressure, Mazoomdaar divides his time between writing and making films on a range of issues close to his heart.

Dr. Asad Rahamani

He is currently working as director BNHS. He has done his PhD in critically endangered great Indian bustard. His efforts have certainly helped to achieve the goal of species conservation. He is a chairperson of international bustard group of IUCN. He has compiled international resolution for bustard conservation. He has written many international books. He has many international publications on his name. He is a member of national wildlife board and is a member of many national and international committees.

Other Honours

Dr. Prakash Gole – (Lifetime Achievement)

Ecologist Prakash Gole is a Wildlife Enthusiast and a Bird Watcher par excellence. He is well known for his contribution to some of the best restoration projects. Gole has also been involved in many ecological planning projects in association with the Govt. of Maharashtra. The restoration project in the Panshet Catchment area has been acclaimed as one of the pioneering restoration efforts in developing countries. His passion for birds brought him in contact with the late Dr. Salim Ali. And soon, his hobby of studying birds turned into a scientific pursuit. Prakash Gole set up the Ecological Society, to work in the field of ecological research and education. Today, this interdisciplinary course in Natural Resource Management is one of the premium ecological study programs in India.

Bahar Dutta (Eco-journalist)

Bahar Dutta is a trained Wildlife Conservationist and has been working on key wildlife issues in India and abroad for the last 9 years. She has represented Indian wildlife conservation issues at many International forums such as the World Parks Congress and the Convention on Biological Diversity. She has studied Amazonian monkeys at the world famous Jersey Zoo in England, worked for conservation groups in Africa and is the author of several scientific papers and conservation reports. She started reporting on wildlife issues for the news channel CNN-IBN in 2006. In her first year of wildlife reporting, she won the Green Oscar at Wildscreen in Bristol for her news investigation – the Last Dance of the Sarus. Bahar Dutta was awarded the Young Environment Journalist Award in 2007 and the Express Award for Excellence in Environment Reporting in 2007.

Dr. Erach Bharucha (Green Teacher)

A Surgeon by profession, Dr. Erach Bharucha has been active in various fields of wildlife and nature conservation for the past 45 years. He is a well-known wildlife photographer. He has worked as a Consultant to the Govt. and Non-Govt. organizations on conservation issues, and has reported on various programs and projects. In 1993, he initiated the Bharati Vidyapeeth Institute of Environment Education and Research – BVIEER, which has grown into a multifaceted environmental education institute conducting formal courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. It also provides environmental awareness programs for teachers and students. He is currently the Director of BVIEER and teaches Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation. He is keenly interested in furthering Environment Education through the National Council for Education Research & Training and the University Grants Commission.