Vasundhara Sanman

Popatrao Pawar

An enterprising Sarpanch, he brought water, prosperity and respect to his village Hiware Bazar, in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. With the support of the village youth, Pawar transformed his village from a ‘punishment zone’ to the one that got Maharashtra its first National Productivity Award for the Best Watershed Work. He is an ardent follower of Anna Hazare and believes that the development process needs both the state and the society to work together. However, the society should always be on the driver’s seat and work responsibly.

Vasundhara Mitra

Shekhar Dattari

Film Maker Shekar Dattatri

Shekar Dattatri’s lifelong fascination with wildlife began at the age of thirteen, when he joined the famous Madras Snake Park as a part-time volunteer. This led to photography and later, to filmmaking. The first documentary he directedand shot, ‘A co-operative for snake catchers’ won the National Award for Best Scientific Film in 1987.

Shekar’s commitment to conservation and environmental awareness through the media of film and video has been a strong motivating factor in continuing in this tough and sometimes, uncertain profession. He was honoured with ‘Prithvi Ratna Award’ at Vatavaran-2000 in Delhi.

Kiran Purandare

Kiran Purandare (Activist)

An exceptional naturalist, a writer, an ornithologist, an educator and a conservationist at heart,Kiran Purandare needs no introduction in Mahrashtra.For over a decade he continues to inspire thousands of people through his writings, educational tours and shows, mimicking birdcalls and promoting conservation.

He has leaded a number of campaigns and events in environment education and awareness generation for the urban and rural youth alike.Purandare stayed in Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary for more than 400 days and studied the flora & fauna in the Sanctuary. Based on his work he wrote a book titled “Sakha Nagzira” which received many awards. Till date Purandare has written 15 books and has also written more than 300 articles.

Bombay Natural Hostory Society (BNHS)

Bombay Natural History Society (Organization)
The Bombay Natural History Society is the largest Non-Govt. Organization (NGO) in the Indian subcontinent, engaged in Nature Conservation Research since the last 125 years. Its commitment has been, and continues to be, the conservation of India’s natural wealth, protection of the environment and sustainable use of natural resources for a balanced and healthy development for future generations.

Vasundhara Mitra

Paul Rose

Paul is a man of many talents and continues to thrive on a lifetime of exploring, adventure, travel and inquiry. He is a television presenter, reporter of BBC, a published Author; an informed and passionate conservationist who works hard to protect the biodiversity and ecosystems, a very experienced and popular public speaker, polar guide, professional diver and instructor, mountaineer and yacht skipper. Paul’s next television project is presenting BBC’s ‘Our Oceans’. In his next Antarctic expedition, he will lead the science support for a climate change: A Global Sustainability Journey – (Lecture) with the help of British Library, Pune.