Vasundhara Sanman

Dr Madhav Gadgil

Madhav Gadgil (born 1942) studied Biology at the Universities of Poona and Mumbai before doing a Ph.D. in the area of Mathematical Ecology at Harvard University. He has been an IBM Fellow of the Computing Centre, Research Fellow in Applied Mathematics and a Lecturer in Biology at Harvard University. Since 1973, he has worked at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore where he is currently working as a Professor of Ecological Sciences. He’s also been a Visiting Professor at Stanford and a distinguished Visiting Lecturer at the University of California, Berkeley. He was awarded the National Environmental Fellowship in recognition of his field research on ‘people-environment relationship on the hill chain of Western Ghats in India’. He has been active in eco-development oriented participatory research with a number of voluntary organizations. He is a Fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences, Indian National Science Academy, Third World Academy of Sciences, a Foreign Associate of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences and an Honorary Member of the British Ecological Society.

Vasundhara Mitra

Shekhar Dattari

Film Maker Shekar Dattatri

Shekar Dattatri’s lifelong fascination with wildlife began at the age of thirteen, when he joined the famous Madras Snake Park as a part-time volunteer. This led to photography and later, to filmmaking. The first documentary he directedand shot, ‘A co-operative for snake catchers’ won the National Award for Best Scientific Film in 1987.

Shekar’s commitment to conservation and environmental awareness through the media of film and video has been a strong motivating factor in continuing in this tough and sometimes, uncertain profession. He was honoured with ‘Prithvi Ratna Award’ at Vatavaran-2000 in Delhi.


Mike Salisbury

Mike Salisbury’s fascination with the natural world developed from an early age. Turning down the offer of a permanent contract with the LED, Mike opted to follow his passion for documentaries and worked on BBC’s Horizon for 3 years. He has since produced many of BBC’s most successful wildlife programs including The Discovery of Animal Behavior & Kingdom of the Ice Bear and was also the Series Editor of The Natural World in the early 1990s, focusing on programs that tackled conservation issues. Mike has been entrusted with some of BBC’s most innovative and successful series including Private Life of Plants, Life of Mammals and Life in the Undergrowth. In 2006, Mike Salisbury received the Panda Award for Outstanding Achievement at Wildscreen and an OBE for services to broadcasting in 2007.

David Attenborough

His career as the face and voice of Natural History programs has continued for over 60 years. He is best known for writing and presenting the Nine Life Series, in conjunction with the BBC Natural History Unit, which collectively form a comprehensive survey of life on the planet. He is also a former Sr. Manager at the BBC, having served as the Controller of BBC Two and Director of Programming for BBC Television in the 60’s and 70’s. He is the only person to have won the BAFTA in Black & White, Colour, HD and 3D category.