Vasundhara Sanman

Dr madhavrao Chitale

Dr. Madhav Chitale is the foremost authority on various fields and aspects of Irrigation, Water Resources and Engineering. In his illustrious career, he worked as a Secretary to the Govt. of Maharashtra in the Irrigation Department (1981-83) for the development of command areas of the Canal Irrigation Projects, for the planning, management & construction of Hydro-electric projects and for handling of the interstate water related matters including interstate projects. He has been Secretary, Ministry of Water Resources (Govt. of India), Secretary General of International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID), Member of Foundation Committee of World Water Council and later Member of Board of Governors of World Water Council. He was also honoured with Stockholm Water Prize, which is described by Sweden as the Noble Prize of Water. He has led various National and International commissions and committees as a Member and Chairman. He is considered as friend, guide & philosopher by several activist groups, NGOs and international bodies. He is perhaps the most obvious choice for the Honour of Vasundhara Sanman and befittingly enough on the occasion of Water Day. The celebration of this day was introduced by him in India (in 1986), a practice that the UN too adopted since 1994.

Vasundhara Mitra

Vishwas Katdare

Activist Vishwas Katdare

Vishwas (Bhau) Dattatray Katdare is a hardcore field worker and conservationist working from the past 16 years for saving Sea Turtles.He is the founder of Sahyadri Nisarg Mitra sanstha, Chiplun and is at present working for saving white belied sea eagles and white rumped vultures in Konken.

Bhau Katdare and his team of volunteers are dedicated for educating people and creating awareness to protect the habitat of these birds. In the last 16 years, Bhau and his team have successfully protected many sea turtles nest and have released about 6,000 baby turtles to their rightful home, the ocean.

Mike Pandey

Filmmaker Mike Pandey

Mike Pandey is internationally renowned for his high caliber and powerful films.He is one of the most accomplished and iconic nature filmmakers in India.Mike Pandey was born in Kenya.His dalliance with the camera started when he was barely seven.He trained at the London Film School and Regent Street Polytechnic in the UK, and worked at Universal and MGM studios.

After returning to India, he did a brief foray at the Indian film Industry in Mumbai.Committed and dedicated to the protection of Indian Wildlife and Environment, Mike’s films have always reflected his passion. His powerful films are living proof of the difference a film can make in bringing about changes locally, nationally and globally.

Act Now, Banglore

Organisation Act Now

Act Now is a registered public charitable trust based in Bangalore. The people behind the making of Act Now are four journalism graduates, all with a common goal, headed by a mentor who gave them his space and time to achieve their common goal. Act Now didn’t start off in a day.It basically evolved over time.

Act Now initially started off as an online magazine that focused on social issues and environmental concerns,which needed urgent attention.The magazine was put up online and it created an impact.After that, they started a mission with a three-day film festival called Aranyam, based on wildlife.