Vasundhara Sanman

Dr. Vishwas Yevale

Though a renowned Medical Practitioner & Professor He is a True Environmentalist & Especially River Lover. He is a Founder President of Clean River Committee. Pioneered a social movement – called “JALDINDI” for last 16 years to amalgamate Environment , Positive Health & Sprirituality. Travels for 12 days and nights alongwith Pavanaa River and Involves SARPANCHAs and Villagers in an awareness programm at halt location. Inclusive participation of people is a secret & booster for the Sustainability of event. He had Authored many books and winner of many Prestigious National Awards.

Vasundhara Mitra

Somnath (Aabaa) Musudage

Founder of Ranjai Project Shivmalhargad and Chief of Major Cleanliness Drive (Mahaaswachchhataa Abhiyan Pramukh) Dehu conceived by him. He is working Persistently for last 10 years. Everyday he spents 2 hours in the morning to remove stale Pooja flowers / Garlands (NIRMAALYA) also he is Cleaning / Destroying Water Hyacinth (JALPARNI) in River Indrayani. He believes in “Mission Clean Indrayani” for Pilgrims visiting Dehu. Godfish Preservation and protection to save environment is his another passion along with Clean Indrayani. Receipient of Local & National Awards.

Vyankatrao Bhatane

Principal and CEO of Gramprabodhini Salumbre Village. He is a Founder of “Pavanaamai Utsav” celebrated by 47 villages on the bank of river Pavanaa. Huge participation of Students, Villagers, Elected members of Grampanchayat and youth is the speciality of the event. His Emphasis on protection of Environment and Rivers for our lives is apprciated by all. This has lead to an unique Involvemnt of newly wedded brides in worshiping Pavanaamai. This has become an yearly ritual now from 1994. He organises Various events to avoid pollution and for protection of river Pavanaamai.