Vasundhara Sanman

Architect Sanjay Patil

Graduated from Sir J.J. College of architecture he is working since 1981 in Nashik in the name ‘Environ Planners’. Respecting nature has always been an integral element of his approach. His efforts are consciously directed towards application of energy efficient principles to the building design. He has received 50 prestigious awards and recently published a book ‘Nesting in Nature’ which is a chronicle of the architect’s journey, the influences from his surroundings, his leaning towards sustainable design and response to nature.

Vasundhara Mitra

Nashik Cyclists

It is a right combination of people from all folds of life, they have a common bonding of love and passion for Cycling. They are committed to spread awareness about Cycling. Every 15 days they organize various events for amateurs and enthusiasts. Their work is helping to restore the balance of the environment in Nashik.

Dr. Dhanashri Hardas

President of ‘Women Society for Environment, Culture and Education’, she devotes to empowerment of women through Sustainable Environmental program. Convener of ‘Blue Revolution – A Paradigm Shift’, she stirs the focus of used water all over the country marching towards global attention bringing the best practices of used water to fit into local needs.

Samsonite Plantation Drive

Plantation drive of Samsonite got momentum from 2010. They have planted and distributed more than 2.5 lakhs of trees and 30,000 tree guards. Now in Igatpuri taluka, in 150 acres of forest land they planted around 80,000 saplings. It is audited by dedicated employees on regular intervals and it has engaged around 10,000 people.