Vasundhara Sanman

Prof.Dr.Ajay Chandak

He is a Green energy consultant to UN. He has done many national, international assignments in renewable energy and energy efficiency. Initiated 36 patents, many of these are commercialized. He has presented 22 papers in international conferences, 12 in journals. He promoted solar cooking, especially for midday meal schemes for schools. He is Involved in thousands of tree plantation through Suman Foundation. Through his NGO PRINCE, he has done entrepreneurship training in renewable energy to more than 500 people from India and abroad.

Vasundhara Mitra

Sandeep Chavan

He has been working in the field of urban farming / terrace garden for last 10 years. He teaches the citizens.How to use kitchen waste to produce vegetables required for consumption and that too with minimum technical assistance. He promotes healthy and toxin free food through this urban farming concept.

Supriya Agashe

She started making fertilizer from kitchen waste of her house. Now she collects wet waste from neighbouring houses even from corporation and manages around 200 kg of wet waste everyday. She makes cloth bags from old clothes and sarees to provide an alternative for plastic bags.

Shivakarya Gadkot Mohim

This is a self-driven initiative by fort conservationists from Nashik city. They have cleaned around 25 forts through voluntary cleaning drives, in last 3 years. Along with collecting plastic and other hazardous waste they have cleaned water bodies on various forts. It has increased the water level of ponds on forts.