Vasundhara Sanman

Dilip Kulkarni

Dilip Kulkarni was born in 1958. After getting a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, he worked for a private company for a few years in Pune. He participated in Gramayan and worked for Grahak Panchayat. He quit his job in 1984 and completely dedicated himself to Vivekanand Mission. In 1993, he shifted to Kudawle village in Konkan with his family. So far, he has delivered lectures on many social issues and written thought-provoking articles in Marathi and English. He is the Editor and Publisher of Gatiman Santulan, a magazine dedicated to environmental issues. The villagers of Kudawle benefit a great deal from the various nature-oriented programs.

Vasundhara Mitra

Ashwini Bhat

For the last few years Ashwini Bhat is engaged in re plantation of grown up trees which are subject to uprooting / destruction during roadwork or building construction. Till now she has achieved re plantation of 200 such trees, along with new plantation. She coordinates with the Construction Dept. to find, design, or implement alternatives, so that least number of trees get affected during the process.

Anubhuti Paryavaran Shala

Conserving the environment is the need of the hour and this theme works better if engraved early on formative young minds. Students of this informal school, along with their regular studies, get to meet scientists and environmentalists on holidays. The kids become eco-literate by site visits, learning through experience, Q&A sessions etc. The curriculum for this is designed for 3 different levels.

Sanjay Patil

Sanjay Patil is associated with BAIF. He has stationed himself at Jawhar (Thane district), cultivating local crop varieties. So far he has conserved more than 100 local varieties from Jawhar and Mokhada region, thus achieving the important task of making the local farmers aware of various agro-developments.

Van Vyawasthapak Mandal, Borgad

This forest management club has been looking after Conservation Reserve, the first of its kind in Maharashtra, along with the help of another institution. Van Vyawasthapak Mandal also coordinates with the locals, forest officers, and has conserved many rare and essential plant-varieties, covering an area of around 600 hectors.