Vasundhara Sanman

Kavitha Umashankar Mishra

She adopted an integrated farming system in her 6 acres Farm and besides agricultural crops, she grows horticultural plants and all types of forest species on the bunds. She has now completely shifted to organic farming, using the vermi wash as a micronutrient, which she delivers through the drip irrigation system. She has greened the ten acres of land in a high temperate zone. She gives useful tips to farmers through video on social networks. She guides the farmers to plant sandal wood trees as they can earn good amount. She has received many prestigious awards.

Vasundhara Mitra

Satya Sankaran

He is a tactical urbanist with 10 years of experience in civic activism and mobility interventions. He is an avid cyclist and commutes to office by cycling. On his first task as Bicycle Mayor,he has been working towards a sustainable vision for Bengaluru, campaigning for solutions around Urban Planning, Urban Governance, Non Motorised Transport & Public Transport.

G. Purushotham Gowda

He started agricultural farming, growing varieties of crops from 1982. He started ‘Chilli Market’ in 2017 at Bellary. In 2017, Tungabhadra Raitha Sangha in his leadership for the first time in India a Union without the help of any Government took initiative as a protest to remove the silt and save water with the help of general public. More than 1000 farmers were participated. Also given memorandum to Government authorities.