Vasundhara Sanman

Syed Ganikhan

He is from Kirugavlu is a graduate and had chosen to be a farmer in his ancestral agricultural land.
Initially he began to protect existing mango plantation in 15 acres which has more than 120 species of
mangoes. Then he roamed across the country to collect different varieties of Rice species and began
growing them his farm, thus today he is the only farmer in India to cultivate and conserve 750 varieties
of Rice. He is protecting 140 varieties of mangos and many more wild species of food crop. At the same
time he is encouraging the farmers to grow different species of rice by offering them the seeds and
disseminating the techniques for growing them. He has been honored by Karnataka and Indian
government for protecting indigenous species.

Vasundhara Mitra

Eco Volunteers India-Bangalore

Founded by a group of like-minded people, with the aim of conservation of wildlife across southern and
central part of Karnataka. It supports a wide variety of conservation projects in Karnataka in the field of wildlife management, research and education. The group of enthusiasts, working for understanding the
existing man-wildlife conflict, exploring conflict mitigation strategies to save the endangered species and to create awareness among the people living in and around the wildlife habitat. The EVI also conducts
awareness programmes.