Vasundhara Sanman

Dr. Shyam Asolekar

He is a chemical and environmental engineer. He has done research in many aspects related to environmental conservation such as solid waste management, establishing environmental friendly industries, economical sewage treatment, industrial waste water treatment and reuse, environmental policies and different ways to tackle environmental pollution, techniques of controlling air pollution etc. His contribution in reducing river and lake pollution through sustainable, scientific techniques was very important. He has devoted his life to make aware the society at large about environmental dangers in future.

Vasundhara Mitra

Anil Badadare

He is working in Radhanagari Forest Reserve situated at the bottom of Sahyadri Mountains rich in biodiversity and birth place of many rivers. He protested against the bauxite mining in forest area at Idarganj in 1991. He is active through Friends Nature Club in birth area of Bhogawati, Tulshi and Dudhganga rivers. He has initiated public protest against river pollution.

Ranjit Majgaonkar

He has worked as reporter, photographer and producer with ABP Maza for 17 years and produced film clips on river pollution. He has continuously working for environmental conservation and making people aware. He has made small films clips on waste management, pollution, man-animal conflict, mining, heritage places, forts create awareness in society.

Enviro Legal Forum

It is established by some lawyers and other environmentally aware citizens of Kolhapur in 2010. Its objective is to give legal assistance to organisations working for environmental conservation. It assisted Dr. Madhav Gadgil on legal issues in writing report about environmentally sensitive zone in Western Ghats, which was presented to central Government. It has taken active part in making ‘Rankala’ and ‘Panchaganga’ pollution free.