Vasundhara Sanman

Bharat Anandrao Patil

He has played a vital role in making the Panhala taluka and Kolhapur district free from open toileting with the help of national schemes like Nirmal Gram Cleaning Mission, Sant Gadage Baba Cleaning Mission. Also, he has successfully deployed the mission for DE addiction of the whole taluka and district. He has established many organizations like Cooperative Society, Matrubhumi Development Society, A D Patil Charitable Trust, Savitri Mahila Pratishthan, Mahila Bachat Gat Foundation etc. for the social and economic development of people. He has received many accolades during his journey towards development.

Vasundhara Mitra

Prof. S. D. Padmanavar

Being a teacher for 40 yrs. he started working through ‘Marathi Vidnyan Parishad’ with a belief ‘Environmental pollution has become the challenge due to many wrong policies and practices.’ He has organized many events like ‘Taluka Nisarg Sadhan Sampatti’, ‘Bal Vaidnyanik Sammelan’, ‘Study of Hiranyakeshi river’, ‘National Science Day’, ‘Experiment Direction’, ‘Science Teachers Workshop’, ‘Sky Observation’,’National Animals Week’, ‘Bird Watching’ etc. to create scientific minds and moving forward with a pollution free and science based community.

Vijay Tipugade

He is well known in Kolhapur as a photographer, painter, Rangoli artist and an active social worker and column writer. He is actively involved in the field of environment protection and has studied especially the Peacocks and Sparrows. He has exhibited his own work of paintings and photographs creating awareness for protection of sparrows and ecosystem of Sahyadri Ghat. He has also conducted live demonstrations of nature paintings and photographyat Mumbai, Delhi, Goa, Baroda etc.

White Army International

Ashok Rokade has formed this organization and a team of 250 dedicated volunteers is working to serve the humanity. They have so far offered their help during, Gujarat Earthquake, Killari Earthquake, Cloud burst at Kedarnath, Badrinath, Konkan railway Accident, Tsunami at Kerala, Floods at Pandharpur, Kashmir, Nepal, Uttarakhand, Bridge collapse at Mahad etc. they have saved the lives of many people providing medical aids, food supplies, completing the death rituals of orphan bodies etc.