Vasundhara Sanman

Shirish Beri

He graduated from School of Architecture, Ahmedabad. Instead of pursuing higher studies in the U.S he opted for living and working in the mountains near Kolhapur. His workstrives to address his life concerns. He feels that issues of sustainability can be aptly addressed only through the right attitudes and goals. His designs try to achieve an inherent sense of unity and harmony with various natural and man-made elements and forces.He has designed a number of campuses for national & regional level institutions for research, rehabilitation, health care and education.

Vasundhara Mitra

Parag Kemkar

He uses biogas made out of kitchen & house waste for last 7 years and trains others. He has successfully done the experiment of rainwater harvesting. He teaches the school children how to save water, electricity etc. and repairing of household equipment. He has trained people how to make and maintain solar cookers, lights and harvesting equipment.

Raja Upalekar

He is working as a journalist and photographer for many years. He actively supports Save Turtle drive in Rankala area. He helps to treat wounded birds, animals and in their rehabilitation. He always participates actively in saving the snakes. He has participated in tree plantation at various places. He has received many prizes in nature photography competition.

Green Guards

This non-governmental organisation is established in 1991 to study the biodiversity of Kolhapur. They organise nature walks, lectures, training programmes, exhibitions of posters and photographs etc. They have created bird and butterflies index of Kolhapur district. They arranged nature camps in national parks for children and planted more than 10,000 trees