Vasundhara Sanman

Prof. Dr. Jay Samant

Born on 15th August 1947, Dr. Samant was brought up in Kolhapur. He completed his Master’s Degree and PhD in Zoology. After working as HoD at Mumbai and Shivaji Universities, he went on to become the Director of BNHS. He has represented India at the Vasundhara Conference held at Rio, Brazil. He is a member of several committees set up by the Central and State Governments to look into environmental issues and is also active through the NGO – Devrai. He has also organized initiatives like Pashchim Ghat Bachao Yatra and Silent Valley.

Vasundhara Mitra

Gajanan Joshi

A Master’s Degree holder in Zoology, he has been actively involved in movements like Narmada Bachao Andolan and Vidnyana Prabodhini. ‘Gaju Kaka’ has also traced the path of the river Krishna, right from its origin to where it merges with the ocean. Lucid writing and lecture delivery are his strengths, along with a special knack of getting along with people of all ages.


Devrai has been actively working in the field of environment for the past 3 decades. It works mainly for the underprivileged people by conducting research projects and activity workshops along with providing guidance to needy women and youngsters. It has imbibed the concept of sustainable development in the society and has organized several events for the same.

Milind Yadav

He has been working as Arts Teacher at Marathwada High School for the past 22 years. He has participated in environmental movements from the age of 12. He has pursued Wildlife Photography in regions like Rankala, Kanha, Periyar, Sariska, Kevadevghana (Bharatpur), Annamalai etc. He has made presentations on topics like Snakes and Myths and Misconceptions About Solar and Lunar Eclipse.