Vasundhara Mitra

Dilip Pawar

Dilip Pawar is an important member of the group working on the problem of pollution of Panchaganga River in Kolhapur. He was the convener of the movement that strived to get water from Kalammawadi reservoir to Kolhapur through a direct pipeline. This scheme has been approved recently. He has published an informative booklet on the subject. He is an active member of the steering committee that is consistently waging a struggle for cleaning of Rankalalake, Panchaganga and the immersion of flowers and idols during festive season.
Mr. Pawar is carrying forward the legacy of the late DhanajiraoJadhav by contributing to various initiatives revolving around problems related to water.

Rankala Sanrakshan va Sanvardhan Andolan

This is an informal group of people, institutions and organisations that have been carrying out movements and awareness drives on the issues related to Rankala Lake in Kolhapur since 1985. This group came into being when its members came together to oppose the erection of statues in the lake premises. It has conducted an in-depth research on the pollution; commercialization and encroachments carried out in the lake premises and has presented practical solutions for the problems. It has been actively involved in studying diverse environmental issues, bird-watching activities and seeking funds for the conservation of the lake from the national lake protection and conservation scheme.

Abhijit Patil

A master in Environment Management, Mr Abhijit Patil has conducted in-depth research on the issues of environment. He found solutions and alternatives on many relevant issues and put them across people, using technology. He has contributed to the making of two documentaries that throw light on the pollution of Panchaganga River and Rakala Lake in Kolhapur. The Municipal Corporation as well as the media hailed these documentaries. These audiovisual films have helped reach a large audience.

Vasundhara Sanman

Suresh Shipurkar

Since childhood, Suresh Shipurkar was actively involved in activities of the Rashtra Seva Dal that promoted cleaning of villages (Gramswachchata) and contribution through manual labor (Shramdanshibir) for a social cause. After completing graduation, he participated in the Family Planning Program in Hadapsar, Pune. He settled in Kolhapur in 1967 and became a part of various movements focusing on common waterhole for all villagers (Ek Gao Ek Panavtha), rehabilitation of dam-affected people and abolition of oppressive rituals.
Mr. Shipurkar has contributed towards establishing institutions such as ‘Nisargamitra’ for awareness on environmental issues, Janswasthya Dakshata Samiti for awareness on health problems, Vigyan Prabodhini for promoting scientific thought and eradication of superstitions, Dalitmitra Bapusaheb Patil Granthalaya and various other institutions for the educational development of scheduled tribes.