Vasundhara Mitra

Teak Nature Club

From the last 32 years the Teak Nature Club, founded in 1979 by nature-lovers of Kolhapur under the guidance of Dr. Anilraj Jagdale, has relentlessly provided volunteers to the eco-conservation movement.The club has spread word about nature conservation in Kolhapur district by arranging workshops,slideshows, training and certificate courses, games, and poster-competitions.

Raghunath Parkar

From the last 38 years Raghunath Parkar has been measuring the rainfall occurring in Dajipur forest and conveying this information to the authorities in Kolhapur, for a very meager payment. You can meet him at his residence on the road leading to Dajipur forest, where the Phonda Ghat (mountain pass) begins. Incidentally this is the second generation of Parkars, braving torrential rain and dense fog to provide the readings.

Raju Raut

Raju Raut is a multi-faceted personality – environmental activist, student of history, artist, photographer, and poet. Since 1982 he has been very actively participating in ‘Save Rankala Lake’ movement.He is concerned with cleaning of Panchganga River and the drinking water problem of Kolhapur.He has produced a short film about Rankala Lake and written songs about eco-conservation. He has led the movement against immersion of Ganesh idols in Rankala Lake, polluting it and damaging the ecosystem therein.

Kolhapur District Police

It is a social menace, everywhere, the tremendous noise pollution created by Dolby loudspeaker systems in all types of processions – especially the one of Ganesh Visarjan. Kolhapur police joined hands with various social organizations and the Ganesh mandals to curb the noise levels and showed success,helping the conservation of environment.

Vasundhara Gaurav

Chetana Vikas mandir

For the last 26 years Chetana Vikas Mandir has been contributing in education, training and rehabilitation of mentally challenged people. From the last four years they are creating Ganesh statues and coloring them using eco friendly colors in the workshops held for students. From this year they are making big statues for public display along with personal once thus contributing in protection of the environment.

Deepak Polade

In order to reduce the use of bamboo and earthen pots in funerals he is distributing aluminum stretcher (to carry dead bodies to Funeral piers) and pots in different parts of the city, spending his own money on this exercise.

Prakash & Kamlakar Arekar

For many years now, the Arekar brothers are creating eco friendly Ganesh statues of small as well as large size with Shadoo material and natural colors.

Mahesh Shevde

He has planted almost two thousand five hundred trees in New Shahupuri, Patankar Colony. From 6 o’clock in the morning, using his auto rickshaw, he is watering them every day, too. He has done plantation in Nagala Park, Mahadik Colony, Datta Colony, and Ruikar Colony and also in T.A. Batalian colony. To create public awareness, he is distributing pamphlets to his passengers.