Vasundhara Sanman

Shahir Shivaji Patil

He is from Pachora, Jalgaon. He creates awareness about nature and environment conservation through folk music (Powada). He has participated in different environmental schemes of Government of Maharashtra such as Village Cleanliness drive, water conservation and environment awareness. He has written many songs and skits on environmental awareness. Through his programme ’Jagar Paryawaranacha’ he has constantly doing awareness in number of villages. He is a folk artist and doing this work since 1971. He has received many prestigious awards for environmental awareness.

Vasundhara Mitra

Balkrishna Devre

He is a compassionate social worker. He works as ‘Sarpa Mitra’ (snake rescuer). He conducts workshops, camps on environment awareness in many schools and colleges. He strictly observes and condemns cutting of trees in Jalgaon city. He rescues birds, snakes and other wild animals and releases them in original habitat with the help of forest officers. He played an important role in organising Maharashtra’s first ‘Sarpamitra Sammelan’ (Snakes rescuers Meet).

Imran Tadvi

He founded NGO ‘Agnipankh’ through which he is actively working in the field of environment conservation and Space Science. He has initiated a major tree plantation drive as ‘Yuva Sathi’ of ‘Neharu Youth Centre’ supported by Central Government of India. He has actively participated in bird watching, nature walk, Vasundhara Festival, Bird festival, ‘Satpuda Bachao Abhiyan’ etc.

Ajay Patil

He is actively working in the field of nature conservation since his college life. He started a Nature Club in M.J. College. The young members of this club work for environment awareness in Jalgaon district. He has been elected as volunteer on ‘Wildlife Crime Control Bureau’. He participates in street play, tree plantation, bird counting, nature trips, and animal counting etc.