Vasundhara Sanman

Suresh Khanapurkar

On the banks of Arunavati River in Shirpur, Suresh Khanapurkar is working with a simple idea of groundwater conservation. Being a geologist, his project has a base of scientific background to it. His dedicated efforts have led to water storage and increased fertility in the drought hit regions like Shirpur. Khanapurkars focus is on eliminating the hindrances in the process of water absorption and he calls it angioplasty in water conservation. He believes that the entire state can be provided with water for drinking and farming purposes by carrying out regulated operations with the help of adequate machinery. Today he is known as Bhagirath of Shirpur.

Vasundhara Mitra

Ravindra Suklal Sonawane

He has completed his graduation in B.Sc. Agri. and currently working as the Gram Sevak, known as Sarpamitra in Jalgaon. He rescues snakes from the human habitat and puts them back in the wildlife. He organizes programmes at the school and collegiate levels to eliminate the misconceptions about snakes.

Ashwin Patil

Founder of Udaan Pakshimitra Organization. He organizes motor cycle rallies for creating awareness on the need to nurture Sahyadri Tigers. A teacher by profession, he also leads the treatment of wounded birds and animals. He is an astute birder. He has created a team of volunteers that works for the sustainable development and conservation of elements of environment.

Dr. Tanveer Khan

He has completed his Ph. D. Degree from North Maharashtra University. Title of study : Sedges and Grasses of Khandesh. He has published many research papers presented in State, National and International Seminars, Symposia and Conferences. Also received many awards. He has carried out research in Plant Taxonomy, Anatomy and Biodiversity.