Vasundhara Sanman

Chaitram Pawar

Mr Chaitram Pawar lifted the name of Baripada village in Dhule district to international level by conserving forest of about 1100 Acres area, and has established new example in Sahyandri and Satpuda. When there was deforestation on Satpuda, a highly educated youngster changes his village and also the area nearby with the help of the locals; this is an inspiring incidence to the young generation. 400 Rock dams and leveled channels were built around Baripada from proletariat. Apart from this 9 cement dams and 16 percolation lakes are created with the help of government and they are used for water conservation. From proletariat many trees are planted every year. With the help of Janseva foundation rice, potato, wheat, vegetables plantation is underway in Baripada thus making it independent. The village also has contributed in family planning and 70% females already have gone for tubectomy.

Vasundhara Mitra

Prof. K P Chaudhary

Mr. Chaudhary’s native place is Phulgaon of Bhusawal district. Currently he is a professor of environmental Science in R K Talreja College at Ulhasnagar. Mr. Chaudhary studied the ‘Environmental Impact Audit’ (EIA) report about the four-lane widening of Dhule-Akola highway and pointed out serious lacunae in it. He also presented an alternative to the govt., with reduction of the environmental damage, in the public hearing about this issue. He has studied the severe effects on the surroundings (esp. on the soil, air and water) caused by the heat given out by Deep Nagar Thermal power project. He also provided relevant technical information to the NGOs and saw that justice is meted out, time and again. Mr. Chaudhary has carried out a major part regarding environmental issues. Phulgaon, his native village, has received the ‘Ideal Village’ award.

Vinod Narsinharao Patil

A senior birdwatcher of the Khandesh region of NorthWest Maharashtra Mr. Vinod Patil has studied the Satpuda mountain range in detail. He is a state-level working committee member of the ‘Maharashtra Pakshi Mitra Sanghatana’. Through the network of ‘Indian Birds Conservation Network’ he has been appointed as the key person for getting declared Toranmaal and Taloda forests as important bird habitats. He is the district coordinator for ‘Kids for Tigers’ organized by the ‘Sanctuary Asia’ magazine.

Vasudeo Wade

Among the snake lovers in the Jalgaon district, Vasudev Wade has gained special respect due to his prompt service. His affection for animals and birds started from his childhood. When he was studying at Nahata College in Bhusawal he used to dissect frogs and rats. One day he dissected a snake and it increased his curiosity. In 1991 he got settled in Jalgaon for service and started environmental studies. Many snakes are killed in Jalgaon city and this gets him upset. At the same time (in 2009) he came in contact with wild life protection Institute and studied the proper way to catch a snake. In the last 10 years he has saved 1500-2000 snakes and left them in the wilderness in presence of the forest officers. He has caught rare snakes like Albino, Trinket, Eggs eater, Pateri & Kawadya and released them in forest.

Green Teachers Awards

Seema Bharambe

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Yuvraj kurkure

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Shaikh Sultan Khan

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Sudhakar Gosavi

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