Vasundhara Sanman

Satish Patil

Along with formal education and that of environment he spreads knowledge about sky observation to the students.He is one of the innovative teachers in Maharashtra. He takes lots of efforts to enhance the knowledge of forest conservation in Satpuda. He has started the movement against setting up forest-fires and deforestation at personal level. He is making a film names ‘Kilbil’ for students to provide them information about forest and environmental science. He is also developing an informative film on deforestation, which is based on forest rights. Study of astronomy is the subject of consideration for him. He studies stars and planets and gives that knowledge to students. He has arranged programs of sky-watching in all the major schools in the district. He has a collection of all types of old and advanced microscopes. He has developed his own laboratory, observatory and museum. His research on the holes found in Jalgaon district is well known. He has created E-bags for teachers.

Vasundhara Mitra

Ganesh Sonar

A student of wild life in Satpuda, Ganesh is wandering in nature from 1987 and is active in bird watching.Founder of Falcon Wild Conservation group, he is an active participant in environment conservation with institutes like Wild Life Protection Institute, Khandesh Nature Observation Society, Satpuda Bachav Kruti Samiti,Tiger Observation and Research Center, Mumbai. He arranges workshops for students on forest study,organizes bird watching programs and is now working on preparing an inventory of wild organisms in Jalgaon district. Wild life Protection Institute has made the resolution to plant 2500 trees in Jalgaon city with cooperation of Jalgaon Municipality. Mr. Sonar is the head of this project and is carrying out a survey of the city.

Professor P.R.Pardeshi

Professor P.R.Pardeshi has started the environmental movement in Jalgaon district. He has done his M.A. in Micro Science. When he was working as librarian at Pratap College, he started learning about environment of wild animals and birds. He has an earnestness and affection about the Satpuda Mountains. He was regularly visiting and roaming in Satpuda from a young age. He has focused on the problems of Satpuda. He has translated Ernest Hemingway’s Nobel Prize winner novel ‘The old man and the sea’ into Marathi by the name’ Zunzar Sagari Shikari’. He was the director of W.F. at Amalner for 15 successive years. He was a board member of Pea Hen Development Project. He is the founder chairman of ‘Garudzep’ association.

Anil Mahajan

Anil Mahajan is well known from last 10 years in Jalgoan for flourishing the tradition of bird watchers in Jalgoan district. He studies the birds and also treats the injured ones to release them again in their natural habitat in Hatnur and Warangaon, in Jalgaon district. He has selected Jacobin Cuckoo and Red Avadavat (lal Munia) for the first time for detailed study. He has also studied and recorded the information about the birds migrated to Taapi, the largest water reservoir in the district. He has listed 225 birds in Ordinance factory-Warangaon region and is studying those distinctively.From his extraordinary learning of knitting specialty of Tambat Bird he has created a unique documentary.To study this, one has to observe continuously with patience and perseverance. Continuous wandering in sanctuaries, special study on the birds found in the areas of Melghat, Gulamal, Nandur, Yaval and Gaoutala sanctuary and Kasa Plateau. Anil Mahajan works at Ordinance factory-Warangaon.He has undertaken the conservation of Satpuda forest through Jacobin Cuckoo Nature club.