Vasundhara Sanman

Abhay Ujagare

Abhay Ujagre is senior most environment activist and bird-watcher in Khandesh region. He has greatly dedicated himself for Save Satpuda Movement. He is the President of New Conserver & Khandesh Nature Conservation. Mr. Ujagre is also core team member of Satpuda Bachav Kruti Samiti. He continously organises workshop and training programmes for bird-watchers and wildlife lovers. Due his significant contribution in wildlife, field he was appointed ‘Honorary Wildlife Warden’ in Jalgaon district.

Vasundhara Mitra

Shri Baba Maha Hansji Maharaj Munudevi

He is living in the Satpuda Forest in the Munudevi region of Yawal sanctuary. He has set up ‘Jungle Bachav Samiti’ for saving the Satpuda forest. Baba Mahahans has always been awakening people to save the forest through his pravachnas. He is openly fighting with encroachers, as well as wood and land mafias. Due to his fighting spirit, the wood mafias attacked him. He has been giving significant contribution for saving the Satpuda. He has also actively participated in ‘Save Satpuda Movement’.

Vasantrao Thakre

Mr. Vasantrao Thakre is a man from Dhule district. Due to his significant contribution in agricultural and water conservation, he has been awarded the Krushi Bhooshan Purskar. He is a very senior activist in the environment field. He participated in Save Western Ghat Abhiyan (Yatra) organised by Jagdish Godbole 25 years back from Navapur to Goa. He is also an active member of the Satpuda Bachav Kruti Samiti.

Jitendra Wani

Working as a school teacher in Amalner, he is a bird watcher in the Amalner region and organizes demonstration & bird watching camps for small children as well as youth. He has also developed his own exhibition on birds and is always displaying it in various schools and colleges to create awareness about birds. He has also actively participated in the ‘Save Satpuda Movement’