Vasundhara Sanman

Prof Suresh Kumar Billore

Professor Suresh Kumar Billore is a former Head & Dean of the Botany & Environment Management Departments of Vikram University, Ujjain. Born in Khandwa – a village in the Satpura ranges, Mr. Billore is a confirmed Naturalist. After completing his Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral and Postdoctoral (DSc) degrees from Vikram University and MONBUHO and Commonwealth fellowships of the Japan and UK Govt., he majored in the field of Ecology and Environment. He had a distinguished career of 34 years as Faculty and Researcher. He taught hundreds of students for the Masters Course, guided more than 60 for M. Phil. and about 25 students for Ph. D. on various aspects of Ecology and Environment Management of grassland, forests, ponds, lakes, river, nitrogen fixation, algal blooms, climate change with reference to methane & nitrous oxide emission, carbon sequestration, ground water nitrate pollution through UGC, CSIR, DST, MoWater Resources, MAPCOST and EPCO funded projects.

Vasundhara Mitra

Anil Trevedi

There is practically no aspect of contemporary public life that is not touched by Anil Trivedi, be it agriculture, cottage / village industry, environment, human rights, education, health, culture, social health, politics or religion. Born on 6th May 1951 in a family believing in Gandhian thoughts, Anil started to participate in public and political activities from a very young age. In 1974, he passed out from Indore University with an M.A. (Psychology) and a gold medal.

Vishal Dnyaneshwar Varma

He has two degrees, MSc and BEd. Currently, he teaches at higher secondary school located at Bakaner in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh. Mr. Varma has discovered quite a few important things in the Narmada river valley; one of them is a fossil. For 18 years, he has made many people aware of this natural treasure by donating the finds to various institutes and arranging 5 exhibitions. He has carried out more than 40 ‘Field Excursion Programmes’ for students to stress the importance of fossils and the need to protect the same. Three of his research papers have been published along with the Hindi version of ‘Fossils from Narmada Valley- Uncover Nature’s Secrets’. This has helped in making the locals aware of this fossilized treasure.

Dr N K Shriwastav

Dr. Shrivastav is a M. Sc., M. Phil., Ph. D. and is the acting Principal of the Govt. PG College at Dewas, Madhya Pradesh. In 34 years of his working period, Dr. Shrivastav has stamped his mark on many events. He is carrying out tree plantation drives at the K P College Campus and other parts of the city and has results to show in the form of areas such as Mataji ki Tekdi, Vilawli, Hoshangabad and Mandala that are dotted with almost 5000 trees. He encouraged NCC and NSS cadets to plant trees, thus making them aware of the environmental issues. He has written 45 articles in various newspapers and has written and directed Hindi dramas too.

V. T. Ingole

It gives me immense pleasure to present the book ‘ Aranyagarbha’. Various stories written in it are in fact, real life experiences which our group comprising Mr. Padmakar Lad, Mr. Dnyaneshwar Damle, Mr. Pradip Patil, Dr. Manohar Khode and Mr. Pradip Hirulkar, encountered during our missions. Our mission has basically been for bird watching at various dams in Amravati and Amravati district as well as our trips to various places in Melghat, Satpuda, Mountain range Salient valley in Kerala and Baster in Chhatisgarh. The book has more than 100 photographs taken during such expeditions. It has been our endeavor to write the experiences in such a manner that, the reader should not be lonely but should feel like part of the group. We are sure that the readers will enjoy the exulting experiences narrated in the book.