Vasundhara Sanman

Dr. Dhananjay Vishnu Newadkar

Renowned pathologist from Dhule, worked towards making his native village, ‘Lamkani’, ‘Draught Free”. Holistic approach was taken for watershed management of the village included public participation through formation of ‘Forest Management Committee”, anti-grazing movement, soil conservation through CCT, nalah bunds etc. His tireless efforts of two decades have restored the ecosystem in this region and the village now irrigates 800 hectors of land and produces 1000 tons of good quality fodder. He has been honored with numerous awards. Success story of “Lamkani Village” has been included in 11th standard text book of environmental sciences.

Vasundhara Mitra

Dr. Pradeep Madhav Vyawahare

He has been birding since last 40 years and delivered more than 250 lectures, 60 slide shows, 14 books and numerous research papers and newspaper articles on birds and nature. He is honorary wildlife warden of Dhule district for last 20 years and is mentor for many birdwatchers and wild lifers in Dhule region.

HDFC BANK (Dhule Branch)

HDFC bank Dhule Branch sponsored 1,000 tree guards for supporting plantation drive, have an ATMs in the city on Solar energy and main branch is using all LED lamps. HDFC bank Dhule supported the drive by providing 10,000 bags (reusable/returnable). Special efforts by Manager duo Rajkumar Shah and Sachin Bhaskar.