Vasundhara Sanman

Shivaji Kaganikar

Since 1972 he has been involved in various rural development activities. Has helped nearly 500 farmers to set up gobar gas plants. Initiated watershed activities in and around Kattanbavi village. Took up ‘Hold water and Sink water’ program for twelve years and brought many wells back to life. Planted two and half lakh trees in four villages of which two lakhs are growing. He helped installing nearly twenty thousand gobar gas plants. Helped in starting ten self-help groups for rural women. Over the last fifteen years has been helping about forty farmers to take up organic farming. Has conducted many nature education and organic gardening activities for school children and citizens.

Vasundhara Mitra

Pampayya Malemath

He has been a birder, wildlife enthusiast and nature photographer and active in many social and environmental activities for over than three decades now. He gives lectures about birds, snakes and wildlife in schools and colleges. He is practicing organic farming. He is a snake rescuer and so far has rescued more than 900 snakes. Member of many photography associations as well as BNHS.