Vasundhara Sanman

Rashtriya Harit Sena

Students should feel, school is a like garden, not a jail; they should wander like butterflies and feel free in the school. School should not create a mental burden on them; instead it should nurture their creativity. This is the thinking of Mr. Pramod Kakade who is head of Rashtriya Harit Sena of Sheth Jyotiprasad School. He organizes environment related creative programs throughout the year. Students are told to collect seeds of different plants in summer vacations. For two successive years, 2008 and 2009, Rashtriya Harit Sena won the award for collecting finest seeds from Palak Mantri of the district. In summer vacation, students have been told to collect waste, unused pages from homework/ classwork/ essay books. It does arrange workshop to make new notebooks from unused papers. Through this program, training to make new notebooks is given to students and the notebooks thus created are distributed to poor students of the school. 2400 notebooks of different sizes have been made and distributed till date. Also 100 diaries, 400 notepad and 2000 paper envelopes are prepared.

Dr Bachulkar

Dr. Madhukar Bachulkar – Cholekar is plant taxonomist and currently is the Principle of Vijaysingh Yadav Science College at Peth-Wadegaon. Before holding this post he has worked in many other colleges as HOD (Botany) and Coordinator (Biotechnology). He has written 25 research papers on plant taxonomy, medicinal plants and the environment. He is the president of an NGO – ‘Nisarg Mitra’ – in Kolhapur; member of the biodiversity and taxonomy committee of the Govt. of Maharashtra. He has received many prestigious awards so far. Shivaji University has conferred its ‘Best Teacher’ award on him in 2003. Many young and budding environmentalists look up to him for guidance and support.

Vasundhara Mitra

Prahlad Bhalchand Jadav

He is director of JP’s classes at Daund. He is working in the field of environment for the past 15 years because forest wandering and bird watching are his hobbies. Along with his associates, he has carried out the projects like expedition against tree cutting, to cure wounded birds, cleanliness of the environment, information about nature, extinguish conflagration in the forest and tree plantation. In 2006, he took initiative against tree cutting in Daund Railway Colony and saved 50-60 large trees. With the participation of the students they are celebrating World environment day by making Gupteshwar area plastic free. He teaches students to identify birds, animals and plants and encourage them to observe the same.

Thorat G. K.

Khutabav, Daund is native place of Mr. Thorat. He is working as assistant teacher at Jayhind College, Kasurdi. He has guided and encouraged almost 530 students in Kasurdi, Bharatgaon, Boriaindi and Yawat to participate in the ‘Handful of food for birds’ project. Herein, 80 kg grain was collected and was kept in the schools as feed along with water for birds. To avoid consumption of plastic by any animal, he is collecting and destroying the plastic in Kasurdi village in extra class of environment and social service. 1500 trees were planted in the schools and temples of Kasurdi village and also in Khutbav village and are being conserved.

Green Earth Environmental Association

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Nachiket Avadhani

He was in the company of snakes from childhood and thus he developed the need to protect snakes and other wild animals. Thanks to Nachiket many people are active in this field. Many public awareness programs for snakes were held in Daund taluka. Detailed study of snakes was done in order to provide information about natural life of snakes and birds to school and college students. Nachiket has done photography in this area, of which exhibitions were arranged. He helped conserve many trees to stop the degradation of the environment. He sought help of the Forests Dept. to stop illegal trafficking of animals. Trekking is his hobby and he uses this opportunity to collect the plastic littered on the forts. He has taken up teaching of rock-climbing to school-kids of Daund tehsil. He takes them on nature trails, too, making them familiar with various types of birds. The wounded birds found are treated and set free in nature again, under the expertise of Dr. Satish Pande.