Vasundhara Sanman

Vijay Borade

As a trustee of ‘ Marathwada Sheti Sahayya Mandal’ (MSSM), he was involved in developing ridge-valley water-shed approach. Is a draught affected village. Along with villagers he negotiated technical options and work methodology for socially just resource conservation measures, in consultation with several institutions. MSSM is always involved in developing technologies to address the most pressing problems of the people in drought prone region. Currently through MSSM he is working for a cluster of 12 villages in Aurangabad and Jalna district. For his work in the field of soil water source management rural development, education, appropriate technology, women’s empowerment. He has been awarded with number of prestigious honours.

Vasundhara Mitra

Rotary Club of Jalna Rainbow

Honored in appreciation of significant work for development of village Waghalkheda including water conservation, LPG gas connection for every household i.e.137 beneficiaries. Water conservation, issuing of Arogya Card. Training to women for production of domestic organic products using available resources.

Rotary Club of Kallamb City

Awarded in respect to coordination work for “Manjara Nadi Vikas Samiti”. Dedicated work of Rotarians with citizen of Kallamb for nearly 2 months. Total excavation nearly 3 lac m3 worth Rs. 1.25 cr.

Rotary Club of Nanded

Water conservation work of “Ishwar Khandi river at Dapshet village Dist. Nanded at very economical rate. 4 km long with average 10′ to 20′ depth and width. In addition villagers are educated on economical usage of water.