Vasundhara Sanman

Marathwada Institute of Technology 200 KVA solar power plant in MIT Aurangabad

The 200 KWP solar photovoltaic power plant will help reduce the burden on conventional electricity by almost 30% in its campus. It is one of the major projects in the region. The aim of this new setup is to utilize maximum quantity of nonconventional energy to save electricity bills by about 2 lakh rupees per month. The project would also benefit students in their practical laboratory. In five years, the investment cost would be recovered considering 30% grant from the Govt. and other factors. In the next 25 years, MIT would be able to save 14 crore in power bills.

Institute of Fashion Designing and Khadi, Paithani Research and Training Centre

It was founded by Mahatma Gandhi Mission in 2010 with a mandatory rule of not using chemicals in the processes used for making Khadi. The cloth or fabric is dyed by using organic colors extracted from vegetables, fruits, roots and seeds. The spinning charkhas operate on solar energy to ensure zero carbon emission. Since Khadi is a handspun, hand-woven, hand-dyed and hand-printed fabric, it is their motto to encourage people to THINK about NATURE and WEAR NATURE! On 2nd October 2014, they gave an oath to 3000 people (all wearing Khadi) that included a promise to wear Khadi on 2nd October every year hereafter. Students and the entire MGM staff wholeheartedly agreed to fulfill this promise.

Vasundhara Mitra

Zilla Parishad Kendriya Primary School, Satara (Khandoba)

This school in Satara (Khandoba) has been instrumental in taking up various environment related activities. Distribution of tree saplings among students, effective management of drinking water and segregation of dry and wet garbage are the major activities carried out by the school. The ‘Nursery Project’ and several other events are undertaken by the school to celebrate the ecosystem. The school has also installed a rainwater harvesting system in its campus.

Sports Authority of India

During the last few years, various activities related to protection of environment have been carried out at this center from time to time with the necessary assistance and support from local NGOs. Around 70 lakh saplings of different varieties have been planted in the premises of SAI on 101 acres of land, in order to increase green vegetation and greenery in the entire SAI premises. At the same time, the water conservation system has been developed to improve water table. At this juncture, SAI is one of the leading centers in India with respect to sports infrastructure, playing fields, multipurpose indoor halls, greenery and environment protection etc.