Vasundhara Sanman

Sandipan Badgire

Mr Sandipan Badgire is a staunch supporter of organic farming. He is a graduate activist who started normal agriculture practices & observed heavy depletion of soil, crops devoid of food value, demanding heavy soil working. With all such observations, he adopted for ‘Organic Farming’ in the year 1993. After initial set back for 3 years, he received growth and superior quality in farm produce. He started sharing this valuable experience to farmers through various platforms, which has now turned into a movement of masses in advocating organic farming. He strongly believes that consistency in organic farming can give economical sustainability to a farmer. As part of motivation he reached to thousands & thousands farmers through writing books speeches, writeup interviews. Now organic farming is his mission of life.

Vasundhara Mitra

Suhas Ajgaonkar

A student of agriculture and Environment Science, Mr. Ajgaonkar is an ardent believer in selfless contribution using newer technologies and local resources. He has motivated 3500 farmers of Western Ghat for integrated ricefarming. He has succeeded to convince 1200 farmers ‘The need of time’ for planting trees and able to plant 86000 trees. He has supported 500 SC / ST community families of Ajanta hill ranges under NRM programme. His contribution to village community is helping to reduce, urban migration.

Watershed Development Committee Kadvachi

The team has done a miraculous achievement of conserving each drop of water in 1200 hectors in Gaonshivar. Villagers vouched not to drill bore well and banned sugarcane farming. They started micro planning and created water retetion structures as also, adopted water and soil conservation measures. Significant concept of water budget and audit was accepted and implemented in letter and spiriting it resulted in sea change of croping pattren and multi-dimensional sustainable growth.