Vasundhara Sanman

Sanskriti Samvardhan Mandal

‘Sanskriti Samvardhan Mandal, Sagroli’ is recognised for their noble work in the field of Preservation and Conservation of the Environment since the last 5 decades. Shri. K.N.Deshmukh (Babasaheb) started ‘Sanskriti Samvardhan Mandal’ (SSM) in 1959 at Sharadnagar, Sagroli by donating 100 acres of his own land with a view to educate and empower the deprived people. Since then, SSM is active in the promotion of organic farming in the area. Considering their initiative taken the CAPART New Delhi sanctioned a project titled ‘Organic Farming Global Opportunity For Youth’ aimed at promotion of organic farming along with formation of farmers group. Horticulture, wormi composting demonstration etc. the project also functions as integrated live demo on low cost agriculture. Also planned are various training programs on organic farming, irrigation technology improved methods in cultivation practices, seeds, marketing etc.

Vasundhara Mitra

Shri Sant Savta Mali Gramin

Since the last 14 years Shri Sant Savta Mali Gramin College, Phulambari has been providing pro environment education to spread awareness amongst the children and rural youth for preserving and conserving the environment. Today’s rural youth, which is being attracted towards the metro cities for better prospect’s has to be retained in the villages. This was timely realized by the college and since then, they have been striving hard for ‘Sustainment of Rural Youth’.


Mr. Rathod has strived very hard for the development of Nisarg Udyan near Ambadi Dam. This place is not only an excellent place for picnics, but also an informative place with various themes like environment Snakes and ladders, Planetary Gardens, Butterfly park, Watershed Models, Green house, thick forest plantation etc.

Mr. S.T.Bugdane

The lonar Crater is a unique geological phynominon formed about 50000 years ago. The site is well known for its rich bio-diversity. The forest inside the crater is home to about 180 different spicies of spiders, of which two are found only here. It also has over 75 varieties of birds. However, due to human interference and absence of governement intervention in preserving the site, more and more trees are being cut. Mr. S.T. Bugdane, Founder of Lonar Mitra Mandai, with his team is literally fighting for the conservation of the Lonar Crater. They have been conducting study tours of the area and serving the crater through all seasons to study external factors affecting the bio-diversity and the water in crater, which is an important topic of study.