Vasundhara Sanman

Baburao Hanumantrao Kendre

Mouji Nagdarwadi is a village neglected by the government. Even after 50 years after independence many villagers have to search for water. In such situations nobody is ready to marry boys in the village. The result of one such incidence, with a positive thought Mr. Kendre has changed the state of village. Instead of depending on other agencies he decided to solve this water problem with the help and contribution of the villagers.

Vasundhara Mitra

Rajasaheb Kirdant

Once Rajasaheb Kirdant visited the prosperous ‘Hiwre Bazaar’ village his outlook changed completely. He aimed to work for only 5 important things – water, land, forests, animals and people. He has assumed cultivation of trees as his sole responsibility and has started off this crusade by planting a sapling in the bus stand of Jalgaon. He always carries a packet of various seeds and a trowel in his shoulder-bag. The moment he notices a place suitable for a tree he plants a seed there and never forgets to care for it later! He even celebrates the birthdays of his trees. He aims for raising 10,000 trees. Noticing his dedication everybody helps him in his task. In Hindu rituals and festivals, trees such as Wad (banyan), Pimpal and Umbar are very important. Rajasaheb used this public reverence to protect those trees at various locations.

Sudhakar Deshmukh

Sudhakar Deshmukh has always given priority to the trees in all walks of his daily life. He has taken up a resolution of planting 11 crore trees – yes he very well knows, it’s not an easy task. While getting married he performed his Hindu religious rituals in front of a sapling, not the traditional Agni (holy fire). The gifts and presents received and given on this occasion were saplings. Anyone can obtain saplings for free from his nursery. So far he has planted more than 50,000 trees and he cares for them, too. Indians are always celebrating one festival or other; realising this Sudhakar uses this opportunity to highlight the importance of greenery to the people through lectures, poems, and folktales. On the occasion of the Annual Palkhi procession of Saint Tukaram he carries a Vruksha-Dindi (a parade of trees).

Sidharth Sonawane

Born in 1979 Siddharth is B.A. and B.Ed. He is the founder president of ‘Wildlife Protection and Sanctuary Association’ and is associated closely as convener for Beed district to ‘Andhashraddhha Nirmoolan Samitee’. He is constantly engaged in spreading awareness on issues such as caring for snakes and wounded animals, mini-dams in reserved forests, protecting animals from poachers, Naigaon Peafowl sanctuary, digging borewells in forests, dozing forest fires, laws and possible action against poaching and smuggling of wildlife etc. He also advocates planting of trees at religious places.

Vasundhara Jeevan Gaurav

B V Thombare

His journey of life – from a humble depot superintendent of HPCL to the founder-chairman of the first sugar factory of private sector – is surprising and certainly motivating. He had held various positions of responsibility in many sugar mills such as Ambejogai coop. sugar mill, Godawari Mannar, Jai Jawan Jai Kisan, Manjra coop. sugar mill etc and had shown his mettle while working in all those mills. Vaidyanath coop. sugar mill was nurtured and brought up under his capable leadership so much so that it achieved 7 national-level awards for efficiency, right from its inception. He erected ‘Natural sugar and allied industries’ at his native place, the first such in private sector and he is its first founder-chairman and managing director. This sugar mill has set new standards and achieved new heights in sugar sector under his able leadership.His capabilities have earned him many rewards.