Vasundhara Sanman

Praveen Pardeshi (IAS)

He needs no introduction. He has worked in Zilla Parishad, Amravati as CEO and a Divisional Commissioner he has done commendable ground work specially in Melghat and division in general. He joined the UNDP disaster management and recovery cell and worked in all the tsunami affected countries. While serving there, he still was in touch with the forests and protected areas of Maharashtra. He believes that economic development through eco-tourism can only provide jobs and opportunities to the local community to earn livelihood. He helped Government to design and implement tribal development policies and schemes which ensured wildlife conservation He helped at least 25 villages in Maharashtra to bring them in the mainstream by relocating them close to the market.

Vasundhara Mitra

Nandkishor Gandhi

He is passionate about saving cows. He organised more than 75 seminars and awareness programmes on plastic waste management. He has written a book which was published by Amravati Municipal Corporation and also produced a documentary called “Vinashkari plastic”. He established a Kamdhenu Prakrutik Urja Kendra and produced many products from cow dung and urine. He is working to promote bio-gas, bio-toilets, solar panel, cloth bags and organic products.

Yadav Tarte

While doing his job, he continued spending his free time in working through Disha Foundation, Vanyajeev sanwardhan and Nisarg Sanwardhan Sanstha, Amravati and other organisations. He has been working since last 16 years to study birds, butterflies, spiders, snakes, and the bio-diversity in general. He wrote round 250 articles in the newspapers and delivered many lectures for school students and college youths on wildlife and forests.

Ms. Rekha Surve

During her career as teacher she has played a major role in shaping the green minds of the students. Infusing the concepts of the conservation of environments in her students and thus to help in forming the next generation having green vision is her mission. She left no stone unturned in training her students for adopting sustainable lifestyle. She is always keen to organize environmental awareness programs like Kids for tiger, Nature walks, nature study programs, various environmental campaigns etc.